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Steps to Re-calibrate Your Mind

Steps to Re-calibrate your mind

| 2018 | Public Interactions | 3ft X 2ft X 6ft

In the March of 2018, I took walks around the
city collecting the discarded materials that
interested me. While gathering all the metal
scrap objects in the studio, I formed a sound
instrument while assembling it.

For the days after that, I took a tour with the
instrument from one city to another. While
taking tour, I came across few people with
whom I jammed, talked to few, or interacted
in some way. This process is loosely
photographed by the people I met in the street
and some by me as I was walking just with the

The documented photographs show the process
of walking around the city with the instrument,
playing it and of it being taken away by a stranger
captured by a CCTV.

Created during the Artist in Residence program
granted by
Kathmandu University, Center for Art and Design

To recalibrate your mind is,
to wander around and collect scraps you like.
Collect scraps that produce sounds that comfort you.
Assemble them into an instrument to play.
Play it with the people.
Paint it and tour from one city to another.
Play together with common people you meet in the street.
Tune in together.
Walk with the instrument to the place you feel most warm.
Leave it, free for the people and the place.
Come early next morning to find the instrument.
Play, if you find it. Search, if it is not there.
Search for the pieces, search for the sound.
To understand it was just the scrap you collected wandering around,
to recalibrate your mind.

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