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In an Attempt to Replicate
the Memories

| 2017 | Installation | 3ft X 2ft X 6ft

Upon reaching a village for one of my programs
I mostly took walks to understand the place and
the culture of the people. However, the village
was almost empty, since most people migrated to
the city, leaving only children and the old people
in the village. As I took walks in this village from
oneĀ hill to another it was just the place you could
feel. There was no sound, no people you meet on
your way to, wherever you went. All you could
hear were only your footsteps and the hot breeze.
Until you reach a temple in one of the hill where
the bells rung and the creaking sound of the temple
door that resembled the sound of the violin, these
were the only sounds I distinctly remember.

This sculpture is an attempt inĀ replicating those
sounds from the temple. Relatably a sound collage
of the village. Upon searching for the same sounds
in the city, this instrument was assembled.

Created during the Artist in Residence program
jointly organized by:

Lasanaa (Nepal);
University of Arts, Helsinki;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland;
and Porapara Space for Artist (Bangladesh)

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