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Bell Instrument

This work was created during my residency. I collaborated with one of the Finnish artist (Hemmo Siponen) and Kunjan Tamang (Nepal) for this work. Basically this is a sound instrument that can be played by multiple people together. The overall instrument was inspired by the temple doors of one of the rural places of Nepal – Shippapokhare.

As me and other resident artist were working with marginalized community of Shippapokhare, Hemmo and I happen to find a welded ┬átemple railing with a door in the middle. As we opened the gates it made a very heavy creaking sound…and it led us playing with the doors and creating sounds from it. This piece is just a collage of elements from the temple door. It was made with intention that people can play it together and be part of it somehow.

I chose to work with found objects in this piece. All the bars were welded and some were hung. It has been accompanied by an old toothbrush as a stick to play it. This is part of the series followed by other instruments created together with the children of Shippapokhare as part of my residency art program.

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